Is It Ok To Drink Water After Communion?

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Drinking water after participating in the Holy Communion holds different significance to different individuals and denominations, establishing its range of acceptance in varied religious contexts. Some people believe it’s acceptable to drink water afterwards, while others don’t.

This article aims to explore these varied perspectives and provide insights to readers who may be wondering: Is it ok to drink water after communion? This is a question that can stir profound interest as it delves into the depths of traditions, rituals, and religious interpretations associated with Christianity’s holy sacrament.

Understanding the Significance of Communion

Before delving into whether drinking water after communion is a common practice or even advisable, we need to understand the significance of communion. Communion, also known as the Lord’s Supper, or the Eucharist, is a Christian practice that memorializes the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. It usually involves consuming a bread or wafer and wine or juice, symbolizing Christ’s body and blood respectively. This meal is seen as a sacred and divine ritual, deeply revered by believers.

The communion wafer and juice are specially prepared and are seen as vessels of the holy presence of Christ. As such, they hold a significant meaning and are consumed with a high degree of sacramental reverence. Therefore, the actions and rituals involving the communion elements are taken very seriously in many Christian denominations.

Some denominations have strict guidelines about how to behave after communion, while others are more open. These rules or guidelines reflect the denomination’s understanding of the Eucharist and what it symbolizes, and they may differ widely from one group to another.

The Question of Water Consumption After Communion

It’s crucial to note that there are no explicit instructions in the Bible that either prohibit or encourage the act of drinking water after partaking of the communion elements. Therefore, whether you decide to drink water or not post communion is often guided by personal convictions, church traditions, or denominational doctrines.

In some Christian traditions, drinking water immediately after participating in the communion service could be seen as washing down the sacred elements. This may be considered disrespectful, with some believers preferring to let the symbolic body and blood of Christ linger in their mouths for a while after consuming the bread and wine.

On the other hand, other Christian circles have no qualms about drinking water or other beverages shortly after the communion service. They might point to the fact that Jesus and his disciples likely continued with their meal and consumed other drinks following the Last Supper, which is considered the first communion.

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Respecting Individual Practices and Beliefs

Given that there is no clear biblical instruction on this matter, it’s most important to respect personal beliefs and practices. If your church tradition or personal conviction encourages you to refrain from drinking water immediately after taking communion, then you should continue with that practice.

However, it’s equally valid to remember that communion is about commemorating the sacrifice of Christ, and the focus should be on this act of remembrance rather than any subsequent actions or habits. As long as the communion service is held with due reverence, the specific details such as drinking water afterward would generally fall into the category of personal conviction or cultural practice.


In conclusion, the act of drinking water after communion falls under the discretion of personal beliefs and specific church traditions. Since the Bible provides no explicit directions regarding this, people can decide based on their understanding and conviction.

As we conclude, remember that the essence of the communion service lies in much more than the physical acts surrounding it. Regardless of whether you drink water after communion or not, the focus should always be on the deep spiritual significance of the sacrament – the act of remembering and embracing the sacrifice Christ made for humanity.

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