Holy Communion - Pre-Filled Communion Cups

The Miracle Meal: New Year, ReNEWed Faith With Holy Communion

Say hello 2022, and hello to more opportunities to enjoy holy communion thanks to The Miracle Meal. It’s the start of a new year, and with that brings new possibilities, new memories to be made and reNEWed faith. A blank slate to start fresh and try again.


It’s incredible to think that this blank slate that we all look forward to is actually accessible and available whenever we need it. Because, the first and ultimate refresh of the world came when Christ laid His life down for us on the cross. That’s right. He sacrificed Himself so that the shame, hurt and blame that we had felt would be wiped clean. An opportunity to start new. And to start over.


So as we enter into this year, and we start to live out every day, may we be grateful for this sacrifice. The joy and excitement that we feel at the start of every year should be experienced every day of the year. Because through Christ, every day is an opportunity to start again and try again.


Let’s live out our lives with reNEWed faith and reNEWed passion. And let’s celebrate Christ and His sacrifice whenever we can. Sharing holy communion is a life-giving gift that allows us to do just that. With our individual pre-packaged communion cups, you can remember Him wherever you are. Whether it’s at home, church or travelling to work. Make every moment a moment to celebrate Him.


To find out more about holy communion and The Miracle Meal, contact us today. We have locations around the world, ready to help you.


From our TMM family to yours, we wish you an incredible 2022.






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