Communion Cups in Durban South Africa

Remembrance: The Miracle Meal Communion Cups in South Africa

We at The Miracle Meal South Africa love communion, and being able to share our communion cups with the world is an incredible blessing. Our pre-packaged communion cups can be sourced from our branches in Canada, America, the United Kingdom and South Africa. They can be found in churches all around the world and it is our honour to be able to help usher people into the remembrance of what Christ has done for us.

The lyrics of the Hillsong Worship song called Remembrance really speaks true what that moment represents.

I take the bread of life
Broken for all my sin
Your body crucified
To make me whole again

I will recall the cup
Poured out in sacrifice
To trade this sinner’s end
For Your new covenant

I’ll live my life in remembrance
Your promise I won’t forget

May we never forget the sacrifice made for us. May we trust and believe that we are made free because of it. And may we continue to remember the love and grace that has followed since. His promise to us.

Our hope is to continue to build faith around the world through our ministry. The Miracle Meal is an outpouring of what we believe to be true, and our ministry is creating an easy way to partake in communion. If you would like to find out more about our communion cups, please contact us today. It would be a privilege to be part of your next communion, whether at church or at home.


  • Durban: 032 492 0103
  • Cape Town: 021 492 0530
  • Gauteng: 010 492 0694


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