The Miracle Meal Prefilled Communion Cup

Cape Town Prefilled Communion Cups with Wafer & Juice South Africa

Buy Pre Packaged Communion Cups with Juice & Wafer for Cape Town and surrounds. Safer, hygienic way to serve communion. Sealed Communion Cups. Juice & unleavened bread wafer included. Simplify Communion moments. Buy Now

Pre Filled communion cup with wafer and juice
Pre Filled communion cup with wafer and juice

Prefilled Communion with Juice & Wafer. Everyday Shipping & Best Pricing Guaranteed. Freshness Guaranteed for The Miracle Meal Cups and Fellowship Cups. Premier Customer Service. Over 100 Churches Served. Your Partner In Ministry.

prefilled communion juice and wafer sets combine a single unleavened communion wafer or bread and a pre-filled cup of juice, sealed together.


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Allister: 076 969 3807
Mel: 084 616 5005
Fozia: 083 658 7812


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