The Miracle Meal Prefilled Communion Cup

Prefilled Communion Cups with Wafer & Juice Durban South Africa

Buy Pre Packaged Communion Cups with Juice & Wafer. Safer, hygienic way to serve communion. Sealed Communion Cups. Juice & unleavened bread wafer included. Simplify Communion moments. Buy Now

Pre Filled communion cup with wafer and juice
Pre Filled communion cup with wafer and juice

Prefilled Communion with Juice & Wafer. Everyday Shipping & Best Pricing Guaranteed. Freshness Guaranteed for The Miracle Meal Cups and Fellowship Cups.Premier Customer Service. Over 100 Churches Served. Your Partner In Ministry.

prefilled communion juice and wafer sets combine a single unleavened communion wafer or bread and a pre-filled cup of juice, sealed together.


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Mel: 084 616 5005
Fozia: 083 658 7812


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